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Smashing Magazine 上看到的一个PV3D 的优秀案例和教程的聚合,在荒原上转载一下,顺便删减一些案例并补充个人认为优秀却被遗漏的结合PV3D运用的Flash Webs。

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Papervision3D (PV3D) is a popular open source 3D engine for Flash. It enables to create advanced three-dimensional objects displayed real time right in the web browser. With Papervision3D designers bring an impressive visual experience and user interaction to the web visitors. Interactive environment captivates and gives an opportunity to enjoy navigation and content exploring process. PV3D provides great solutions for product showcasing websites, advertising campaigns and portfolio designs.

Below you can find a collection of impressive Papervision3D websites and tutorials that hopefully will inspire you and give you an idea about how this technique can be used in your projects. It is important to remember that being based on Flash, Papervision3D often has similar issues in usability and is not recommended to be used in developing websites where simplicity and accessibility are essential.



Oval Design

Barcinski & Jeanjean

The Economist: Thinking Space

FOXTEL: I’m Unique

Foot Locker

Concave Scream: Soundtrack For A Book



Big And Small

Only The Brave


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Big and Small挺可爱的,别的都不会玩,大概吾太笨了,^_^
 回复 Jessica 说:
。。。。。。Big & Small 算是Plugin Media 为BBC 的一档低龄儿童节目做的周边。
(2009-08-27 20:30:31)

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