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apr29a_2012 is somewhat based on apr19c_2012, which was created as a piece of impromptu coding work when I taught creative coding class at China Academy of Art. The modification includes a three dimensional expansion according to each pixel's hue and a separated control panel. The wave is a mixture of sine function and perlin noise function with certain proportion.

apr29a_2012 的创作基于apr19c_2012 之上,后者是我在中国美术学院开课中基于一个课件实例的即兴创作。apr29a 的修改包括单个像素根据其色相在三维空间内做的偏移以及一个独立的参数控制面板窗口。视觉上看到的波形是正弦波与二维柏林噪点根据特定比例叠加后的效果。



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