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Though visually different, apr09a's algorithm is kinda similar to apr02b . Instead of simply drawing graphics on the stage, apr09a allows user to interact with the stuff which has already been drawn on the screen. User can drag the mouse to initialize the bone of each shape. After the mouse is released, a muscle-like shape will be generated according to the bone's vertices.

apr09a 的算法和apr02b 类似,虽然外形上完全是两回事。后者只是单纯将图形绘制在场景上,每一帧不清除场景上的内容,从而保留所有的绘制轨迹。而在apr09a 中,用户可以与已绘制完成的图形进行互动。当拖拽鼠标时,程序会根据一定的时间间隔在场景中布下节点,形成骨骼。当鼠标释放,一个类似肌肉的结构会根据骨骼节点生成,当前骨骼节点与上一点骨骼节点的差向量的法向量决定了该“肌肉”粗壮与否。


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