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I did some modification on a sketch which I showed on my Processing Class at Xinchejian as example. The original one was a simple drawing board on which the user can control the stroke's thickness through the moving speed of his mouse. The modification includes rounding off mousepath, more elaborate changing of strokeWeight, and the reset of color each time after I release the mouse. The output is quite gaudy.

这个原是我在新车间 开设的Processing 入门课程 中的一个实例,实例本身是一个简易的绘图板,使用者可以按下鼠标从而在绘图板上保留轨迹,笔触的粗细会与鼠标的移动速度挂钩。之后我对实例做了一些修改,对鼠标的轨迹本身做了圆滑处理,笔触大小变化与鼠标运动速度之间的逻辑也变得更为复杂。此外,每次释放鼠标后都会随机改变笔触颜色的色相。

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