mar18a_2012 - [Works]

Thanks to vinjn's basic tutorial on retrieving data through weibo api , I made a demo sketch testing on the way to get my followers' weibo avatars. The result is quite good.

感谢vinjn 在 上发布的微博数据可视化教程 ,我做了一个小样来测试如何获取微博粉丝的头像。结果还不错。

Then I randomly use them as textures to build a large spheric avatar collage with 129600 vertices. The fps seemed to be quite low though, around 10.

之后,我随机抽取其中的头像作为纹理附在一个庞大的球形头像表面,多边形节点总合为129600。帧数不是很理想,fps 维持在10 或者10 以下。

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