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I created the first version of "520 x 780" when I was a freshman in 2007. It was based on Flash and portrait collages were preprocessed outcomes. The sketch here, however, is a 2.0 demo version which I recreated using Processing. The visual effect is kinda similar to "Operation Smile " produced by Firstborn and Microsoft.

07年大一时和室友基于Flash 做过一个肖像拼贴的互动装置520x780,去年年底把它移植到了Processing 上做了一个Demo,增加了单个拼贴单位的深度偏移。不过视觉效果越看越像Firstborn 和微软合作的Operation Smile 。相关代码已在OpenProcessing 以及互动中国HUDOIT 社区上开源,欢迎交流,拍砖。


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